How our reports help you… the real estate agent!

If you’ve been a real estate agent for a long time now, it’s likely that you have seen your share of the lengthy “old school” pdf style home inspection reports [perhaps 65 or 75 pages {ouch!}]. And it’s typically your job to wade through that document and extract the items and deficiencies that you need to use to prepare your document in order to negotiate any concessions and ultimately move the transaction forward.  Goodness… that must take a very long time!

Well thankfully those days are over. 🙂

If you are not familiar with our reports, I want to share with you some of the benefits of our reports for you – the agent.  Or, even if you are familiar with our reports there may be features that you are not aware of and not utilizing. So I want to make sure that we are helping you to take full advantage of the features that can really help you to save time in your efforts to close your transaction – and that is a win-win for everyone! 

Okay so here is what you need to know in order to really utilize these features and in the end it will SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME AND EFFORT!

I have two words for you to remember: “REPORT TOOLS” You have two different ways you can use the agent tools. First let’s help you to find those. 

When viewing a report in the upper right hand corner look for this:

When you click on that option “report Tools – you will see two options that look like this:

These options will allow you to do either of the following:

  1. Copy and paste the text from the recommendations to a document of your own, or an email. 
  2. 2. Use the Repair Request Builder tool to create a document with pictures, comments and you can even add a dollar amount to each item

Option #1 is fairly straightforward and once you select the Copy-paste option the dialog box appears with the text.

For the other option to use the Repair Request Builder, here is a video that demonstrates how to use that tool.

And that’s it!  There are 2 great tools that you can use as the real estate agent to save time and get the information you need.

How Spectora Home Inspection Reports Help Realtor Estate Agents

As a home inspector I use many tools in my daily work life.  Most of those tools I carry with me on my tool belt and they help me as I go through my inspection process on site in a home for a client.  However, there is one tool that I use that is perhaps one of my most important utilities in my daily work… and that is my inspection reporting software.

For my inspection software I wanted to choose a modern tool that I felt was truly easy to navigate for myself of course, but also for my client the home owner, and the agent as well.  For the task of finding this magical software I enlisted the help of my wife, who is a software consultant. That is when we found Spectora, which produces truly modern home inspection reports which help our clients and agents to easily digest some very important information about the condition of a home.

In this post, I wanted to try to educate the agents that I work with so that they can hopefully save time and work more efficiently for their clients’ {and mine}, the home buyer.

Here is a look at how Spectora can help realtors to understand and navigate my home inspection reports!

What each of these points mean to you the Realtor!

A side table of contents allows you to easily jump to any section to quickly see images and get the information you need.

Easy filters allow you to dynamically change the report to only show the major safety items or all defects.

Quick summary shows you how many item were inspected (may not show on your inspection reports as this is an optional feature) so it keeps the defects in perspective to your client.

This also shows how many big ticket items you need to negotiate for.

View the PDF version of the report or download the PDF Summary to attach to your Montana repair/ request document.

Easily copy and paste my inspector “lingo” into your repair -request document with the Deficiencies Text Generator.

Stay top-of-mind with clients and align yourself with an inspector that uses cutting-edge technology and the latest tools. Clients can click directly from the report to email or call you with questions.

I hope this will help you to use my inspection reports to make your work easier!  If you have any questions about navigating your inspection report and bringing the important information into your own agent documents such as the Montana Repair – Request forms, please do give me a ring.. and I’d be happy to personally meet with you to help you to understand how to best leverage this tool for your interactions with the home buyer!

— Barry, your home inspector!